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The Major Accounts Team is our team dedicated to serving the needs of enterprise class clients and their customers, vendors, and sales prospects. We leverage every skill, person, and technological tool in our arsenal to support your company and its goals. Whether you're a Fortune 500 regular or a growing venture, we offer the specialized services of our Major Accounts team to our customers with large customer communication volume.

Gain a partner instead of hiring a call center.

Beyond merely answering calls, the Majors Accounts team steps up and seamlessly partners with your organization on elevating service and taking your business to the next level. We have the sophisticated, technological tools and capable professionals necessary to extend your sales force, become your customer service department, or step in as your order management specialists.

Customize our proprietary applications for your operation.

Our fulltime development team is dedicated to creating, maintaining, and improving proprietary applications that we can customize specifically for your organization. From cutting edge sales tracking and dynamic scripting to interactive web chat and lead capture tools, most of our clients are surprised and awed by what we can do.

Grow satisfaction and sales.

Talented professionals deliver results minimum wage employees can't envision. AnswerConnect recruiters work fulltime to find impressive people experienced in customer care, sales, and specified industries. We attract and keep such capable individuals through competitive compensation, extensive benefits, and ongoing support & training. Leadership and individual performance are recognized and rewarded. Daily quality assurance testing ensures that we stay at the top of our game.

Experience the impact that our remarkable people and low employee turnover have on your operation. Contact AnswerConnect at 1-800-525-1315 to choose the best!