Team Bilingual

Language shouldn't be a barrier to customer service

Plans & Pricing

34 million people living in the U.S. speak Spanish, according to the last U.S. Census. And with over 45 million Hispanics currently calling the United States home, we now have the world's second largest Spanish-speaking population.

This growing customer base prefers to do business with companies that speak their language - literally. AnswerConnect's Team Bilingual partners with you to serve your Spanish-speaking customers, an important customer group for many businesses both small and large. Team Bilingual Associates fluently speak, write, and read both Spanish and English.

We employ special recruiting and incentives for Spanish speakers. We post notices and place advertisements in places where Spanish speakers are likely to see them and respond. AnswerConnect employees with bilingual skills are offered additional compensation and higher priority when choosing their schedules.

Don't be surprised, be prepared. Some of our clients are surprised and then unable to help Spanish speakers when they call, chat, or email. Our proficient team ensures that you're never caught off guard when a Spanish speaking opportunity arises.