Team Legal

The value of expertise cannot be underestimated.

Plans & Pricing

Team Legal is AnswerConnect's solution for successful law practices that need legal receptionists answering their calls 24/7/365 and knowledgeably handling client requests. Instead of the one size fits all operator found at many answering services, Team Legal sets a higher bar for our Business Support Associates who are focused on supporting law offices.

The Team Legal Support Associates are specifically trained to meet the needs of law offices. AnswerConnect's Team Legal is polite, professional, and discreet. We serve firms of all sizes - from solo attorneys and small firms to large law and internal legal teams. We recognize attorneys and law firms are different and that this type of business necessitates special call handling and expertise.

Before being assigned to Team Legal, AnswerConnect Business Support Associates must demonstrate outstanding customer care skills and leadership.

Our specialized teams also must complete industry-specific training courses through AnswerConnect before graduating from the general customer care group into an industry-specific one. We train Team Legal's Business Support Associates on how to work best with legal clients - educating our team on:

  • Legal intake
  • Legal receptionist duties
  • Call scenarios
  • Key legal industry terms
  • Practice area familiarity
We seek employees with an interest or background in the law.

AnswerConnect's Team Legal attracts professionals who see their experience here as a vital component to legal services. Our flexible scheduling and remote agent options enable highly educated, qualified professionals to work in their chosen field during the hours they choose.

Our Business Support Associates efficiently grow your practice with superior client care. We increase client satisfaction by managing calls competently and maintaining confidentiality.

AnswerConnect's Team Legal offers the flexibility and scalability of a large contact center with the expertise of a focused team. Contact AnswerConnect's Team Legal today at 1-800-525-1315 to learn how our law firm solutions could work for you!