Team Marketing & Sales

Would one more sale make the difference?

Plans & Pricing

Marketers understand that your results are only as good as the final conversions. When the phone rings AnswerConnect's Team Marketing & Sales is prepared to take your call to the point of sale.

Where is the ball being dropped in your current sales process? Could you be more efficient with a sales assistant or team available to you when and how you need them?

We are a seamless, always on extension of your marketing arm.

We partner with you from first contact to final close - if that's what you need. Or we can step in at any point during the sales process to take the weight off your shoulders.

Team Marketing & Sales' experienced sales professionals work in a consultative, friendly manner 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We don't pressure customers; we educate, work on capturing the lead, and soft sell them on your winning products and services. We are your live answer to the marketing pitch.

Team Marketing & Sales' capabilities include:
  • Lead capture:

    Our team is specifically trained on the value of leads and they work to get crucial lead details for your internal teams.

  • Lead qualification:

    Not all leads are equal, we know that. So we partner with marketers to produce lead scoring based on specific criteria so you can focus on your highest value prospects.

  • Upselling:

    At the point of sale we know that many customers will choose a larger package if educated on the value proposition.

  • Lead management:

    From transferring the lead data, to scoring prospects, to integrating with third-party analytics packages, we work in tandem with you to manage your leads.

  • Cross-Selling:

    Many products can easily be paired with related products to improve your average ticket value.

  • Customer follow-up:

    Often customers take multiple points of contact before they are decision ready. We work to softly bring the relationships to the point of sale.

Sales experience and customer care know-how are required to join Team Marketing & Sales.

Team Marketing & Sales Associates have sales training, sales experience, and an aptitude for the position. We support our team by offering them many points for professional development - learning opportunities that ultimately benefit our clients.

AnswerConnect's Team Marketing & Sales attracts experienced sales professionals who seek an alternative to typical corporate sales careers. Our flexible scheduling and remote agent options enable qualified professionals to continue working in sales during hours when they can devote 100% of their time and attention to the job at hand.

Multi-channel communication instead of one-way street operations.

Team Marketing & Sales fields incoming phone calls, answers emails, and even sells via web chat. Web chat, in particular, is a proven method for reducing online shopping cart abandonment and increasing order sizes. We also invite you to read more about our free, easy-to-implement Active Response Tools that we designed specifically with our client's marketing and sales needs in mind. We believe these innovative communication tools improve your conversion rates and drive additional and larger sales through your sales funnel.

Imagine starting your day with a stack of qualified leads instead of a mountain of voicemails to return. Call AnswerConnect's Team Marketing & Sales at 1-800-525-1315 to learn how we can partner with your organization to increase your marketing ROI.