Team Relay

Crucial connections made, not mishandled

Plans & Pricing

Smooth call patching is critical to many types of businesses. That's why AnswerConnect has a skills-based team (Team Relay) specifically tasked with answering and patching calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for customers who frequently require these services.

You decide what happens next.

Team Relay answers each call in your company's name according to your instructions. When we set up your account, our team writes a unique call management plan including specific rules on how and when to transfer calls, dispatch personnel, and page team members. You're welcome to make changes as often as needed including changing on-call contact information. Our innovative dynamic scripting engine enables you to create many scripts quickly so that Team Relay can seamlessly extend your brand in your words with each call.

Complexity is our strength.

AnswerConnect's team excels at putting your complex call handling plan into action. AnswerConnect hires competent, friendly professionals and then supports them with competitive compensation, ongoing training, and cutting edge tools. Because we invest in our people, AnswerConnect's turnover rate is one of the lowest in our industry. Your business reaps the rewards of our experience.

Team Relay specifically manages:
  • Warm transfers:

    We answer the call, ask callers to hold, contact your on-call personnel, and then transfer the call once we speak with the appropriate person.

  • Hot transfers:

    Team Relay answers and then stays on the line with your caller until your team member is reached. We don't hang up until we have actively connected your customer to your contact.

  • Cold transfers:

    We answer and then immediately transfer the call. In these instances, callers may ultimately reach a live person or voicemail.

  • Message Relay:

    We transcribe messages and then relay them to your team via telephone.

  • Personnel Dispatch:

    We dispatch your personnel based on your instructions.

  • Paging:

    Team Relay pages your personnel when you specify it's necessary.

Quality is the bottom line.

Each week, we publish live call statistics that explicitly demonstrate how quickly we answer. Our extensive, daily quality assurance testing is yet another way that we maintain and improve our services as well coach employees.

Team Relay is composed of experienced professionals dedicated to providing first class customer care. Call, email, or chat with AnswerConnect today and experience the advantage of exceptional customer care