Team Tech

Consistent service without the crashes and restarts

Plans & Pricing

Team Tech is AnswerConnect's team of Business Support Associates capable of providing 24/7/365 technical support, help desk capability, and multi-channel customer communication service to software providers, hardware companies, and other technical support operations.

Level 1 support and beyond.

We route calls based on your needs. If an AnswerConnect client merely needs Level 1 support, then we route calls to any available associates on Team Tech. But, if an operation needs more qualified technicians we route calls to technical support professionals capable of answering those questions and rooting out problems - not a customer service generalist.

Team Tech Associates must have a tech support background.

Before joining Team Tech, Business Support Associates must have technical support experience and education. Customer service skills are another prerequisite of joining Team Tech.

AnswerConnect's Team Tech attracts IT professionals who want a flexible schedule with predictability - no more on-call pagers. Our flexible scheduling and remote agent options enable these qualified professionals to work in their chosen field during the hours they choose, picking the 30 to 40 hours per week that works best for them.

Education never ends.

AnswerConnect offers extensive internal curricula for expanding Team Tech's knowledge and keeping them current on innovations. Technology changes too fast to depend on past education and experience alone.