Appointment scheduling services have become increasingly popular for keeping business schedules and appointments organized, and for keeping clients and patients happy. Whether you’re a medical or dental practice, attorney’s office, or an accountant, every professional who relies on appointments should be utilizing an appointment scheduling service.

How are you managing your appointments? Do you have clients and prospects calling all day, being put on hold or leaving messages to schedule appointments? Maybe they’re sending emails or filling up your cell phone with text messages asking about your availability.

If any of the above methods sound familiar, your appointment scheduling process could be much more efficient. It’s time to check out appointment scheduling for your business.

Here are the top reasons that your business should be using an appointment scheduling service:

1.Improved Customer Experience

One of the most important reasons that your business should be utilizing appointment scheduling is very simple: It’s what the people want!

Clients and patients don’t want to wait on hold and they really don’t want to leave a voicemail. 69% of people who reach a voicemail will actually hang up without leaving a message! In addition to that, after an average of 1 minute and 55 seconds on hold, most callers hang up annoyed, and 34% of those callers will not call back.

How can you avoid losing those appointments? Have someone answer the phone to take the appointment every time. That’s what we do! With our live answering service, appointment scheduling is included with your account. We even offer a free, full-featured appointment setting app, Setmore.

Setmore also offers the benefits of online appointment scheduling and calendar syncing.

Research shows that 17 percent of patients that were surveyed had scheduled an appointment online via a website or an app within the past year. An additional 42 percent of them said they would have scheduled an appointment online if it had been offered.

If your clients or patients have the option of easily making an appointment through your website, using a platform like Setmore, it will improve their customer experience by making things easier for them and offering the options they’re looking for.

2. Less Stress for Office Staff

Imagine your office staff not having to take call after call everyday just to book appointments. They could spend their time being much more productive, and, not to mention, much less stressed. It’s not easy taking calls day in and day out trying to provide the best experience and service to each caller (we know – that’s why our answering services exist!)

If your business practice depends on appointments, we’re willing to bet that when your office staff clocks in each morning, there are a plethora of voicemails waiting for them concerning appointments.

When you offer the convenience of 24/7 appointment scheduling, your clients can make an appointment anytime, no voicemails needed.

According to a survey, 34% of people who try to make appointments try to do so after hours. When we’re there to schedule the appointment for you, your staff can start off their day without the stress of returning a dozen phone calls, and your clients will be at ease knowing their appointments are securely scheduled.

3. More Appointments

Have you noticed the underlying theme of the benefits of appointment scheduling so far? All of these added perks mean something really great for your business: More appointments!

An improved customer experience means that customers are happier and therefore are more likely to make repeated appointments. 24/7 availability makes it easier for appointments to be made, increasing the total number of appointments for your business. When customers don’t have to wait on hold or for their voicemail to be returned, they’re less likely to search somewhere else to make the appointment they need.

4. Less No-Shows

When we take care of your appointment scheduling, you get another extremely valuable added benefit. We handle the reminder calls and book follow-up appointments as well.

You and your office staff may be incredibly organized, but that doesn’t mean your patients share the same appreciation for schedules. If a patient fails to appear for a scheduled appointment and fails to notify you, it’s a no-show. These are detrimental to your business in every way. You’re affected in terms of both time and money.

An article from American Medical News explains that patients are significantly more likely to keep an appointment when they receive a phone call reminder.

In a perfect world, you and your entire staff would have the time to personally call everyone one of your patients and remind them about their appointments. However, the same study explains that busy businesses “frequently have a hard time fitting in these calls, which means that sometimes they don’t happen at all.”

With us taking care of your appointment scheduling and reminding, you simply won’t have to worry about that anymore. Appointments will be scheduled accurately and securely, and clients will always be reminded of the appointment ahead of time.

5. Centralized Scheduling

If you run a multi-location business, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to scheduling. We can help you centralize scheduling. All the calls come in to one of our virtual receptionists, who have the ability to book an appointment for anyone that you choose (including multiple staff members and locations.) Once an appointment is scheduled, the calendar is updated in real-time and you receive notice right away.

Centralized scheduling can really streamline your operation, while saving you money and headaches.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to grow your business and increase efficiency by utilizing our appointment scheduling service, we’re ready to help you.

Getting started is simple. Start right here to learn more about our plans and pricing.


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