Did you know that companies that have a structured approach to website conversions are twice as likely to see a large increase in their online sales?

Here at AnswerConnect, our capable and effective customer care and sales teams put a high priority on converting visitors, shoppers and callers into orders. For e-commerce businesses, we know that when the phone rings, potential website conversions are at hand.

The lead capture tools that we’ve designed enables online businesses to engage leads in real time and follow up with customers within seconds of an expressed interest to increase the likelihood of conversion. When a customer is interested in buying your goods or services online, we’re here to answer their questions and move them through the sales funnel.

While we’re here to provide the customer service your potential customers need, these are some additional things you can do to increase website conversions for your business:

Build An Email List

If you sell products or services on your website, then you need an email list. It’s as simple as that.

A customer’s inbox is a sacred space, and if they allow you access to it, they’re essentially inviting you into their virtual home. By giving website visitors a place to join your email list right upfront, you’re opening the door to that valuable opportunity. Having potential customers on your email list gives you a chance to build a relationship and grow trust with them. Once someone receives the value you provide through your emails and gets to know, like, and trust you, the possibility of increasing those website conversions goes way up.

Another encouraging reason to build an email list is that, other than your website, it’s really the only marketing avenue that you have direct control over. Many other online marketing aspects (I.E. social media) are valuable and can connect you to your audience, but you can’t actually control them. You don’t own Facebook or Pinterest or any other social media site that you use for your business. They could easily flip a switch and change everything.

You do, however, have direct control over your email newsletter. You control who it’s sent to and exactly what the messages entail.

Create Specific Landing Pages

MarketingSherpa cites that the number one reason businesses don’t use landing pages is because their marketing department doesn’t know how to set them up, or they are too overloaded.

Landing pages are too critical to the success of your lead generation and website conversions to put off for a rainy day.

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture visitor information through a lead capture form (also known as a website conversions form.) A great landing page targets a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign or those who click on a PPC ad.

Targeting your landing pages to specific visitors allows you to tailor your message to those prospects, and those prospects only. If you know how they got there, then you know exactly what they’re interested in and what they’re looking for. Landing pages allow you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and have a higher percentage of website conversions from your leads, all while capturing information about who they are and what they’ve converted on.

Landing pages give your “offers” a place to live online. If you’re offering a discount on products or services, a free ebook, or whitepaper, these offers need a place to hang out so people can access them. Without being gated behind landing pages, your offers will do nothing to support your website conversions efforts. The idea is to require your website visitors to ‘pay’ you in contact information for something valuable, like an offer, and your landing page is the collection tool.

Make It Obvious

If your website visitors don’t clearly see on your homepage or landing page why they should do business with you, you’re not making it obvious enough. Since the attention span of online customers is now only four seconds, it better be clear to your visitors pretty quickly why they shouldn’t click the back button.

So what is it, exactly, that you should be making obvious in order to increase those website conversions? Your value proposition.

Value proposition is the number one thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or continue searching elsewhere. The less well-known your company is, the better value proposition you need, and the more obvious it needs to be.

Your value proposition is your promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. When it’s clear and obvious, it should (A) Explain how your product solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, (B) Deliver the specific benefits, and (C) Tell the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition.

Test It

If you’re not familiar with A/B testing (also called split or multivariate testing), it’s a marketing method used to compare two variables. This type of testing can be applied to almost everything in your marketing where you want to optimize performance, including landing pages, call to actions, graphics, headlines, etc.

A well-planned A/B test can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your website conversions. Narrowing down the most effective elements of a promotion, and then combining them, makes your marketing efforts much more profitable and successful. Without testing, you are just guessing.

Using controlled tests and gathering data can help you figure out exactly which marketing strategies work best for your company and your product. When you figure out that one variation works five times better than another, the idea that you would spend marketing dollars on a promotion without testing starts to seem a little crazy.

Testing gives you insight into what works best, AKA what makes your website visitors convert to customers.

How We Can Help

Once you get your website visitors to start sticking around and checking you out, they’re bound to have questions that they want answered.

We hire sales professionals and experienced customer care associates who can increase your website conversions through availability and outstanding service.

Based on your recommendations, we can upsell and cross-sell related product offerings while chatting with your customers online or taking their calls. We store your custom scripts and product information in our web-integrated agent desktop that loads your website, company details, and specific instructions on each customer interaction.

Sound like something that your business could benefit from? Learn more about it right here.


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