Our mission is to change how the world works. Live answering and other business services free you up to work anywhere. That’s better for people, planet, and profit.

January Meetups

Getting together to have fun and help the animals in local shelters Every day, our hundreds of virtual receptionists, leads,… Continue Reading →

Remote Working Gift Exchange

For many people, Christmas is the happiest time of the year—the heartwarming season of gift giving, tacky sweaters, hot chocolate,… Continue Reading →

Volunteer Project Meetups

Some people think working remotely means you’re working alone. Not so. Our virtual receptionists and other staff live and work… Continue Reading →

How to Train Remote Employees

Remote Teamwork Training remote workers can be one of the biggest challenges for a company with a distributed model. Smart… Continue Reading →

Remote Working in Bad Weather

Really bad weather can have your business spinning its wheels. But not if you have a remote working model.

Tree-Planting With Friends of Trees

  Planting Trees for a Healthy Triple Bottom Line Every business works to keep its financial bottom line in the… Continue Reading →

Why Your Remote Team Needs a Meetup

  Work is what you do, not where you do it Our teams work in five different states and three… Continue Reading →

National Hugging Day

Today is National Hugging Day! Hugging is usually an up-close and in-person activity. But as a distributed organization of hundreds… Continue Reading →

Giving Back to the Community

At the end of 2015, Customer Experience Associate Ebonee Riddick reached out with a great idea. She wanted to donate… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons To Try Remote Working

Whether it’s called remote working, telecommuting, digital nomadism, or something else, more and more people are recognizing that work is… Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Work Remotely Like Santa Claus

Everyone knows Santa Claus delivers presents to good little girls and boys every December 24th. How he does it is… Continue Reading →

Why the Best Office Design is Also the Cheapest

What’s the best office design for collaboration? At WORKTECH 13 in New York, John Stepper, managing director of Deutsche Bank, said… Continue Reading →

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