A Live Answering Service Brings a Stronger Online Presence

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live answeringA live answering service is all about fostering connection between businesses and their customers, regardless of the time or day. Marketing studies strongly suggest that consumers find this sense of brand connection hugely important, especially when it’s backed by a strong online presence. Companies who combine their online presence with the additional support of a contact center–one able to respond to calls and chat–further strengthen their relationships with customers.

According to the recent social media report by Nielsen, Americans mainly go online to access social networking sites or read blogs.

But not just to socialize. The report states that “60 percent of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. Forty-eight percent of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter.”

These sites not only introduce brands to customers, they promote loyalty. The same study found that more adult social networkers follow brands than celebrities.

Despite these statistics, many smaller businesses seem reluctant to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. Insurance company Hiscox surveyed U.S. small business owners and found that 47% “did not use social media for business purposes at all.” Only 12% viewed social media as a “must.”

It’s understandable if a larger or more conservative company is reluctant to adopt social networking as a marketing strategy: That’s still a relatively new application, and it requires frequent updating, an active presence and a certain level of transparency to be effective. But these studies emphasize the importance of some kind of online business identity–a website, at the very least. This, combined with a live operator always available by phone or chat, will increase a company’s customer base without hurting their budget.

A good website can bring a customer to the business, while a quality live answering service can provide the sense of interconnectedness consumers seem to crave.

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Live Answering Service: Never Miss Another Message

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live answering serviceA live answering service would have robbed William Shakespeare of one of his most famous tragedies.

In 1996, director Baz Luhrmann resurrected Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. He set it in modern-day times, replacing swords with guns but keeping intact the original Shakespearean dialogue. At the time of Romeo + Juliet’s theatrical release, I was a teenage girl, the targeted demographic (I’m embarrassed to admit that pairing heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and indie-darling Claire Danes did its job in selling me a ticket). But I remember thinking very clearly—as the movie wound down to its inevitable conclusion, with Romeo missing the large envelope containing the plans of Juliet’s faked demise—“Who on earth would mail such important information, in this day and age?”

I could see not having a land line. But having just left his young bride, on account of murdering her cousin no less, why didn’t Romeo just set up an email account at his local library? Or buy a pager or a prepaid cell phone or something?

That question ate at me throughout the rest of Romeo + Juliet while my friend sniffled and wiped at her running mascara.

Now, 15 years later, the movie wouldn’t have worked at all. Juliet could’ve passed her message to Romeo without relying on Friar Laurence.

Twitter: from:juliet97: JK!

Text: hang on brb

Facebook: Juliet Capulet is taking a quick nap…

Foursquare: Juliet in Verona Beach, Fla. unlocked the ‘star-crossed’ badge.

Romeo and Juliet would have ended up poor but happy in a Mantua trailer park.

The frustration of being unable to reach someone is no longer a viable plot point in these modern times. Smartphones and wi-fi have seen to that. The tragedy of a missed message is no more.

Even companies, with daytime business hours, subscribe to live answering services, wisely handling off-hours calls and chats. No one need be unreachable.

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Social Media 101 for Small & Medium Businesses

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Social Media 101

Social media seems to be the talk of the town.  Some people use social media tools to keep up with friends and family – updating their “audience” on personal achievements, kid’s activities, and fun photos.
But, that isn’t the whole story.

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help you market your business, stay connected to customers, and drive sales.


This is one of the top two most trafficked websites on the Internet. (The other being Google).   Companies can easily create pages on Facebook specifically for their business Organizations large and small are using Facebook to acquire customers, communicate with existing clients, build brand awareness, and push sales. Facebook users who become fans of your business will see your company’s updates in their Recent News and Most Popular news streams. (more…)

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