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Lead Generation

Reeling in the big fish takes skill and dedication.

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Maximize your ROI with effective lead generation. Inbound calls, chats, and emails are the ideal way to cultivate leads. These potential customers are interested enough to inquire further - about 80% of your sales job is already done. AnswerConnect Business Support Associates are uniquely suited to convert one-time callers into qualified leads. Our professional, consultative approach proves over and over again that competence and a helpful attitude win customers and long-term loyalty.

AnswerConnect's Inbound lead generation is composed of two parts:
  • Lead Qualification

    We write a series of questions in partnership with you to qualify leads. Our responsive, friendly associates then survey customers during inbound communications about their needs as well as gather contact information.

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  • Lead Management

    Qualified leads are sent to the appropriate person within your organization for rapid follow-up. AnswerConnect Business Support Associates take detailed notes during initial phone calls, enabling your team to judge and follow-up on incoming leads.

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AnswerConnect's Lead Capture Tools were designed by us specifically for you. Our in-house engineering team has created an innovative set of inbound and outbound lead capture tools that actively engage potential customers. Once these free tools are integrated within your existing website, AnswerConnect's capable team answers inbound calls, makes outbound calls, and manages web chats 24/7/365 on your behalf.

Choose lead management methods. We transmit leads in many ways including email, voicemail, paging, urgent call transfer, and fax PDF - however you choose. We're also capable of inputting fresh leads directly into your web-based interface.

Your culture determines how leads are managed. We train our Business Support Associates on your products, services, protocols, and policies. Calls, chats, and emails are answered in your company's name - extending your operating hours and brand impact with each communication.

24/7/365 availability ensures that leads are captured and capitalized upon. Whether its 2pm or 2am, AnswerConnect's team is available to qualify and manage leads.