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Our Culture

Making technology work for people.

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Business isn't done the way it used to be. In today's evolving economic landscape, our goal is to thrive in a world that embraces technology and spans the globe. We've taken our thinking and the way we work out of the past and placed it in the future.

We're not your grandma's answering service.

We at AnswerConnect understand that the present and the future is in technology, and we've made moves to work as a primarily web-based organization, enabling cutting edge software as a service (SaaS), and encouraging a collaborative atmosphere. All of our documents and spreadsheets have moved to an accessible, sharable, and virtual system. We participate in daily video conferencing and easy, clear communication through our personalized Wiki.

Here at AnswerConnect, we harness the force of technology to solve problems by constantly working on new product releases and solutions for our clients.

A people-centric business model finds the humanity in an increasingly impersonal and technological world.

At AnswerConnect, everyone's voice is important and should be heard, from brand new Associates and IT to designers and our CEO.

We've made a conscious effort to invest in quality facilities. We reject the notion of cube farms! It's like a domino effect: If you have an excellent location and combine it with top notch people, you're bound to receive quality input, which in turn helps us to continue to evolve and become an industry leader.

Location, location, location. It may not be everything, but it definitely helps.

Being stationed in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we have a soft spot for all things nature. Located in such a verdant and beautiful state, we've come to realize the impact that humans have made on the environment, and we've implemented "green initiatives" to try to reduce our carbon footprint. These motions go beyond utilizing the web to get our jobs done, but extend to moving the company to a completely paperless system. We also are happy to reward those who choose to keep their cars off the road.

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