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Embracing technology and innovation. Inciting constant improvment. Putting the power of scheduling back into the hands of employees. Cutting edge teamwork strategies. You know what sets us apart from the rest, but do you have what it takes to become part of our team at AnswerConnect?

  • Remote Business Support Associate

    The Remote Business Support Associate provides phone-based and software enabled business support services for our clients. This can be done with IP based phones we provide working from your home office on a legitimate per hour wage. We are looking for a few standout candidates who are comfortable with technology, people, and a flexible team environment.

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  • Remote Bilingual Business Support Associate

    AnswerConnect services nationwide brands with 24 hour software enabled support. Your role will be to assist our Spanish & English speaking clients. Our company culture embraces technology, self-scheduling, open architectures, and a fast pace of change and collaboration. If you have proficient written and spoken Spanish / English skills and the culture sounds like a fit, this job could give you great flexibility and opportunity in a fast-paced company that is growing through using technology as a competitive advantage.

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  • Client Services Representative

    The client service representative is responsible first and foremost for overall client satisfaction. In this day where technology services operate ubiquitously in the digital cloud it's becoming ever more important to maintain a human element. We believe that all interactions should be guided by the simple principal that life is made best by the relationships you cultivate with those around you. Our clients expect it, we expect it.

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  • Sales Representative

    We are looking for people who are hard working, passionate, extraordinarily creative, motivated and talented to join our dedicated team. We're looking for people who are driven, play well with others (and technology) and have personality to boot.

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AnswerConnect strongly believes that recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right people makes all the difference:

When you're looking for a career, you know that perks can make it or break it. We know that you're looking for a place that's both fun to work for and gives you the extras you deserve.

AnswerConnect offers an array of benefits:

  • 75 percent employer-paid medical and dental insurance
  • Earned, paid leave
  • Paid holidays
  • 401k with matching
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Telecommuting opportunities for strong contributors

Not to mention that every day is a casual Friday, we're well-stocked in the freshly roasted coffee department, and you'll get to spend your days with some of the bright, creative, co-workers who can appreciate Stumptown to fuel us through the day. With our Remote Associate positions, you can even have the option of saving money on gas and transportation.

What more could you want from your workweek?

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Our team members all have a few things in common:

  • We know how that technology and collaboration are key to our future.

    AnswerConnect embraces a cloud-based, SaaS environment. Our most successful team members use these collaborative tools to interact with each other and clients to deliver best in breed solutions.

  • We write as well as we talk.

    Since communication is at the core of everything AnswerConnect does, it's of utmost importance that our employees exhibit exceptional written and oral skills. We know that it's not always possible to speak face-to-face, so clarity in alternative forms of communication is key.

  • We appreciate punctuality and organization.

    In our book, there's no better way to say that you care than to come to work on time! When the phone rings, we need to be exceptionally reliable in answering those calls. Dependability tells your co-workers and clients that you care about delivering the best. We also like organization, accuracy, and clean workspace. We think it's good for our chi. And for our clients' confidentiality.

  • We are setting the bar for professional support.

    We might prefer to wear jeans all week, and not just on Fridays, but that doesn't change the attitude we bring to our work. We take customer support seriously! And we respect our clients and our coworkers, creating a friendly and nurturing atmosphere, conducive to innovation. Sometimes, you'll get stressed, but we're all in this together, and keeping our chins high brings light to everyone's day.

Okay, are you ready? Then send us your resume.

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