Ever have one of those household problems you’re positive you can fix yourself but quickly realize you’re in over your head? (A particularly damp and traumatic episode of unclogging my garbage disposal comes to mind.)

That’s where our Spokane-based client Handyman Matters comes in.

Handyman Matters employ a host of licensed craftsmen experienced in pretty much any household task you can think of, from installing a new fence to childproofing a home. Their website boasts over 1,162 projects.

AnswerConnect has served as a messaging center for Handyman Matters for a little over a year. Owner Dave Schmitt was kind of enough to allow me to ask him a few questions about his experience with our service:

With this type of home-repair work, I imagine you’re out in the field quite a bit. How does AnswerConnect help you handle that?

AnswerConnect is awesome! Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for customers when they call. I take pride in saying we have a live person answer our phone 24/7. If I am out of the office it allows me to be able to make a return call to a customer quickly.

What did you do with your calls before you had AnswerConnect?

We used another company before AnswerConnect. We found customers were often put on hold for long periods of time and there was not a strong commitment to providing our customers a good experience when they called our office.

I see you sponsor local events. What sort of events have you sponsored?

Most recently we did a project for Meals On Wheels and donated our services to help them get a new location opened to serve free and low-priced meals.

I love that you post home-improvement tips on your company blog. Are you worried about giving away trade secrets?

No, helping to educate the consumer helps everyone do a better job.

Anything else you’d like to add?

AnswerConnect has been a huge business partner for us!

Exactly what we love to hear. We pride ourselves in being not just an answering service, but a business partner. Thank you, Dave, for your kind words!