Frustrated customer on phone

Consumer Reports conducted a fascinating survey asking consumers what everyday issues irk them most.  Unsurprisingly, the top two most annoying items were hidden fees and not being able to reach a human operator.

Not reaching a live customer service agent on the phone ranked 8.6 out of 10 on the Consumer Reports survey. We know it’s our business to provide live receptionists – but we swear that we didn’t invent this statistic.  Navigating through layers of phone menus to reach a human being or not having the option to speak to a customer representative is frustrating for consumers taking time away from their day to call your business.    How many chances will a potential customer offer you to land their account?  How many times does a current client need to phone you to reach you or your receptionist?

Forecasters who predicted weather incorrectly were the only ones to get off lightly in the survey. For everyone else, it’s a longer path to win customers and achieve customer loyalty.