What is live chat?

Webchat, also known as live chat, is a form of online customer support. Your customers open a small webchat window by clicking a button in the corner or along the edge of your site.

Website chat services allow customer support teams to exchange short messages with your website visitors as they browse your products and services. Webchat looks and operates much like familiar technologies such as text messaging and instant messaging. And, the live chat window is branded to your company, so it works seamlessly with the rest of your site.

When you offer live support through webchat on your site, you make it easy for customers to get the information they need while they’re shopping. That leads to increased conversions, generates trust in your business, provides valuable customer insights, and gives you another channel for great customer service.


How does webchat work?

Webchat is a powerful tool for customer support. But it isn’t hard to set up. There are many live chat apps on the market, but we provide our clients with our own webchat widget for free.

In our online portal, Client Web Access, you can generate and copy a small code snippet. Then you or your web developer just pastes the snippet into your website code.

That’s it! Once the code snippet is included in your site, your visitors will be able to chat you from your website. If you answer the chats yourself, it costs you nothing. If you’d prefer to have our customer experience associates answer the chats for you, you’ll use your plan minutes just like on a phone call.


4 Benefits of Chat

Live chat support is a great way to make things easy for your customers when they check out your website. Here are four important benefits of providing webchat customer service.


1. Create trust

Online transactions are very common, but they still come with some risk for the customer. Offering webchat customer support makes it easy for people to clear up any doubts they may have about your products and services.

In fact, a Forrester report found that 44% of online shoppers consider webchat one of the most important features an ecommerce site can offer.

Rather than being forced to check out and hope what they’re buying meets their needs, customers can ask their questions and move forward with confidence. Live chat shows your customers you stand behind your products and services, building trust and getting the customer relationship off to a positive start.

2. Generate leads with proactive chat

With proactive chat, you can take charge of your webchat conversations. Rather than waiting for a site visitor to start the session, proactive chat allows you to reach out to them automatically once they’ve been on your site for a predetermined number of seconds.

This proactive approach can be a great way to capture more leads by offering a simple form for your website visitors to complete.

When you consider that 90% of customers find live webchat helpful, reaching out to them makes sense. It’s kind of like greeting retail customers when they walk in the door of a brick-and-mortar shop.

Not everyone will take you up on your offer to help, but many will appreciate the opportunity. And at the very least, they’ll know the chat window is there if they need it.

3. Increase conversions

Any business that sells goods or services online knows that abandoned shopping carts are a problem. What made your customer interested enough to add items to their cart, but then balk?

45% of US shoppers will abandon their carts if they don’t get a quick answer to their questions. So an abandoned cart is a signal your customer may have some uncertainty about what you’re selling. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to answer those questions or clear up whatever it is that’s preventing them from buying now?

Studies show that customers are 63% more likely to return to a website with chat. And 38% of online shoppers say they’ve made a purchase because of the chat session itself.

When you make it easy for your customers to get the information they need, you empower them to make a smart decision. That means more conversions, more repeat business, and more customer loyalty.

4. Get customer insights

Of course we all want to convert more online leads into sales. But there’s more value to be gained through webchat customer service.

By talking directly with your customers at the exact moment they are interacting with your company online, you can get important insights into their pain points. You’ll learn not just about what led them to seek you out, but about specific difficulties they encounter once they do arrive on your site.

Webchat gives you the chance not just to smooth out that particular interaction, but also to learn how to make your offerings more compelling overall. And when you understand your customer better, you can satisfy their needs better—leading to greater business success.


Chat up your customers

Offering live chat to your customers is easy. And it has a lot of benefits for your business and your customers’ satisfaction. Why not give webchat a try?

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