Online answering serviceAn online answering service can replace an in-person sales associate by helping customers browsing your website.

In person, courteous, helpful salespeople can consult with and woo customers into larger purchases, increasing the chances of repeat business. Online, a retail business can’t offer stellar customer service as easily as a brick-and-mortar retail store can—but it can be done. Online stores must depend on other methods to create a positive impression of their brand.

A remote business associate can act as a sales consultant, answering questions about products and offering purchase advice to benefit their customers. Associates are trained in shipping procedures, return policies, guarantees and special promotions, and they can upsell and cross-merchandise items.

If a customer needs post-purchase help, a call center can easily pull up their order history and check order status, even providing a tracking number once items have shipped.

Customers can receive the same one-on-one attention as they would in high-end retail businesses.

Aside from offering competitive customer service, giving customers an opportunity to speak either with a live person via chat or phone effectively gives buyers peace of mind. Some online customers aren’t comfortable sending financial information, online, to a faceless company. You can smooth over some of those customers’ concerns by letting them place their order directly with a representative. Providing options can go a long way toward avoiding lost sales.

Your business can make these services available on your website without purchasing expensive software. Answering service companies seamlessly link their own cloud-based software to your website, utilizing the logos, fonts and colors in your web design and maintaining your brand.

Your customers won’t know where your software ends and your online answering service begins. For them, you’re simply providing excellent customer service. And they’ll come back.

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