Did you know you can add your customers to your AnswerConnect web app?

Of course, we add your callers automatically as contacts based on their caller ID. But you can also create Contacts from a spreadsheet of your customers with just a few clicks.

Adding Contacts to your AnswerConnect app has several important benefits, such as Accuracy, Speed, and Personalization.



When your callers are added to your account as a Contact, they will be available to our receptionists to add to your messages with just a click!

For example, let’s say you have a customer named Sandra Williams. You upload her as a Contact (we’ll show you how in a moment).

Then, when Sandra calls your business and tells your receptionist her name, the receptionist types it into your message form.

Before the receptionist is even finished typing, Sandra Williams pops up as an option. Your receptionist clicks the option, and Sandra’s contact information, such as phone number and email, is automatically added to the message.

Adding Contacts to your AnswerConnect app will reduce typos or other errors, giving you more accurate information in your messages!



Not only does adding your Contacts to your AnswerConnect app make your messages more accurate, it makes taking them faster as well.

Instead of asking every caller for their phone number and email, and having them confirm the information, your receptionist can quickly add the Contact to your message.

This might save 20 or 30 seconds from your call. And that adds up! Over the course of a month, that might mean you can get more calls on your plan, for the same price.

Let’s use your minutes to provide real, personalized value to your callers, not to confirm contact info!



Another benefit of having Contacts in your AnswerConnect app is personalization. When your Contacts are uploaded to your account, your receptionist can greet your callers just like you would—as a valued, and familiar, customer.

Contacts help us make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated. And that’s better for everyone!

For step-by-step instructions on uploading your contacts to your AnswerConnect app, visit our knowledgebase.


Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash