Are we moving towards a world where businesses will be measured by positive and negative impacts on society and the environment as well as profits and loss?    That’s the conclusion of a study by Accenture and the United Nations that asked 750 global CEOs about the relationship between profitability and sustainability within their organizations.

Sustainable equals profitable

Of course, no business would be in business for very long without profitability.  The study shows that sustainable efforts have become a component of lower costs, stronger customer relationships, and increased revenues for many multinational corporations.

93% of global CEOs surveyed indicated that this once “pie in the sky” goal is now a critical part of their company’s future prosperity. Improving customer relationships and winning consumer trust were the intended objectives of 72% of these CEOs.

Sustainability intentions were noble but achievements were limited in some cases. The key to accomplishing objectives was in how companies executed their sustainability plans.   Technology, collaboration, and knowing what consumer’s wanted from them were essential.

Do your customers see, understand, and desire your company to be greener?