Gregg Kell founded the small business website design and SEO business Kell Web Solutions in 2001. In 2015, Mr. Kell formed a subsidiary, Chat 2 Engage, to solve what he says is a common business problem. “Lots of visitors to their website but not enough sales,” he says. “Over 90% of real prospects just move on.” The solution, Kell says, is proactive, automated virtual webchat software which harvests some of the best visitors and translates them into very high quality leads.

Virtual Webchat

Chat 2 Engage offers clients a bit of code. Once installed on the client’s website, the software reaches out to visitors through a familiar chat widget. The virtual “agent” follows a custom script to ask and answer questions, delivering hot leads by email to the website owner. The result, Kell says, is that his clients’ website visitors no longer fall into a “black hole,” leaving the site without the business owner even knowing they’ve been there. By putting the “net” of virtual chat over that hole, Chat 2 Engage captures leads and helps its clients grow.

Calculating Chat ROI

Chat 2 Engage offers an online ROI Estimator to help businesses determine what kind of return to expect on their investment in the technology. The company aims for a 300% ROI, Kell says. Kell began his partnership with AnswerConnect before developing his virtual chat program, using our agents to answer his clients’ chats. Though he’s since introduced the software-based chat solution, he’s maintained his AnswerConnect account for live telephone answering. “The AnswerConnect service is superior, in almost every interaction,” Kell says. “I attest to AnswerConnect’s quality, responsiveness, and affordable pricing.”