GEEK911 is in the business of “un-nerding” technology for its clients. Founder and Chief Geek Robert Sarkes launched the Santa Clara, California-based business in 2006, driven by a passion for working with computers and networks. “We’ve grown each year because we love working with technology as much as we love working with people,” he says.


A consultative approach to technology solutions

The GEEK911 team provides a wide range of services, including onsite/offsite computer repair, network installation and maintenance, onsite/offsite data backups, data recovery, computer training, virus removal, spyware removal, and wired/wireless technology installation. They also provide managed IT services for businesses including servers, virtualization, managed virtual destkops, cloud computing, and cloud storage infrastructure technologies.

Whatever the job, the chief geek and his team take a personalized approach. “We take the time to get to know you and your business,” he says, “and base our technology recommendations and solutions on your unique personal and business requirements and goals.” The result is the best and most cost-effective IT solution for that particular client.

“We make sure our client’s systems work so they are free to do what they love—running their business,” Robert says.


A partnership for great service

GEEK911 partnered with AnswerConnect back in 2006, the same year Robert started his business. “We wanted to focus on researching and providing technology solutions to clients and not have to worry about answering telephone calls or, more importantly, miss a call,” he says. After comparing a few providers, he felt AnswerConnect’s reputation, features, and price came out on top.

“Choosing an answering service is like picking a new face for your company,” Robert says. “The person answering the telephone will be the first impression many of our clients will have of our business.”

Over ten years, the decision has held up.” We always get compliments from our clients who call our toll free number that’s answered by AnswerConnect,” Robert says. “Knowing that our clients report having a very positive engagement and experience with the telephone operators confirms we made the right decision to go and stay with AnswerConnect.”