When you’re injured in an accident, you might have a strong legal case to get compensation from the person responsible. But what if you can’t work, and the case goes on for months and months? Nova Legal Funding is there to help people with a good legal claim support themselves through the court system until their case is resolved.

Nova Legal Funding provides pre settlement funding for accident victims who have a pending case. If Nova approves the application, the injured person gets funds within 24 hours. Nova Legal Funding was founded in 2016, and Alex Finkelton joined as head of the Plaintiff Services Team and head of Media Relations in early 2017. “We really focus on the clients over everything else,” he says, “especially when it comes to explaining the process and being transparent. Our online reviews compared to other lenders really show that.”


Leveling the legal playing field

Insurance companies with deep pockets can afford to stretch out the process. Individuals who have been injured in an accident usually can’t. The insurance company sometimes uses that to pressure people into settling for less than they could have gotten in court. With pre-settlement funding, both sides of the case have the flexibility to pursue or settle based on the merits.


Matching dedication

Nova turned to a live answering service, Finkelton says, because they simply got too busy. AnswerConnect had “great online reviews, amazing personal service, and all around good vibes,” he says. “Lastly, it had very fair pricing structure compared to others.”

The investment in 24-hour customer service has paid off. Finkelton tested his own line by calling in himself anonymously to see how AnswerConnect’s virtual receptionists were doing. Now, he says, “I never worry about the quality of calls.” Nova Legal Funding has seen a 15% boost in client intakes since partnering with AnswerConnect, due to the decrease in missed calls.

“Our business relies on excellent customer service to separate us from the pack,” Finkelton says. “AnswerConnect’s amazing operators match our own employees’ dedication to meet that goal at every end.”


Photo by Sasha • Instagram.com/sanfrancisco on Unsplash