Professional outdoor installation saves on overhead costs.

Rick Popio of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was looking for a way to take his office anywhere. He wanted to be able to successfully run his business without the costs of a brick-and-mortar. He also wanted to have the freedom to travel to-and-from his family in Ohio.

Rick needed a solution that would allow him to be fully present at all of his contracting jobs while still being able to answer calls and capture leads.

The AnswerConnect Solution

When Rick partnered with AnswerConnect, he no longer had to worry about overhead costs. He no longer had to rent out an office space or pay for a receptionist. Rick had 24/7/365 coverage for his business with messages and appointments covered. He didn’t have to worry about missing calls after hours, during a lunch break, or while on vacation.

The Outcome

Overnight, Rick gained the freedom to work on his business without worrying about missed calls and disgruntled customers. He knew that he was taken care of. Rick is able to establish strong customer relationships by being present for every project. When he travels to Ohio, he is able to still handle customer calls and messages. Even when a rare midnight call happens, a friendly, human voice answers and Rick can follow up at his earliest convenience.

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