One of our goals is to help our clients to be more efficient in their operations. By delegating customer service to us, you get an experienced team when you need it. You focus on your highest priority tasks while we’ve got your back when it comes to inbound leads, messages, order-taking, and more.

Efficiency comes in many forms, and we try to look for opportunities to work smarter wherever we can find them. To kick off the new year, we had a Bright Idea—sharing our passion for energy efficiency. When we are smarter about how we use energy, we can not only save money but help the planet as well.

LED light bulbs last 41 times longer and are 10 times cheaper to operate than incandescent bulbs (the old-fashioned ones you may be used to). They’re also better than the newer, spiral compact fluorescent bulbs, lasting 6 times longer and being 2.3 times cheaper to use. Plus, they don’t contain toxic mercury (like compact fluorescents do). The difference adds up. So we decided to offer all our clients a free LED bulb to try. It brightened our day to see that 140 businesses took us up on the deal to increase their energy efficiency.

When you can preserve health, help the planet, and save money at the same time, you’re on the way to a positive Triple Bottom Line. Taking care of people, planet, and profit is important to us. Thanks to all our clients who joined in this time! Be on the lookout for more offers like this in the coming months.

If you’re one of the AnswerConnect clients who took us up on the offer of a free LED light bulb, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how you achieve energy efficiency in your business.