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We’re looking forward to the HomeVestors of America, Inc. Annual Convention, coming up from June 12 to June 16 at the Marriott in Frisco, Texas. HomeVestors is America’s #1 home buyer and has been since 1996. We’re glad to have the opportunity to meet and work with HomeVestors!

Our own Mario DeSantis will be on hand to show how AnswerConnect can help you capture more leads and grow your business.

AnswerConnect helps you extend your hours so you never miss a call. Your leads can come in anytime—after hours, when you’re already on a call, or when you’re meeting with a client. Our virtual receptionists answer in your business name to capture the information you need to move forward and close the sale.

We work with over 6,000 businesses, from startups to enterprise organizations. Our receptionists are on duty 24/7/365—we’re always open! We’ve been in business for twenty years, so we have the experience to back you up whenever you need us.

Mario is our dedicated point of contact for HomeVestors members looking for a cost-effective way to extend their business hours around the clock and capture more opportunities. He’s been with AnswerConnect since 2009, so he has plenty of experience matching our clients with the plan and services they need to maximize their ROI.

“The best part of this job,” Mario says, is “the freedom to make a real difference for businesses of all sizes. For a new business, a lost lead is lost opportunity. For an existing business, a bad experience is lost future business as well. My customers see a real impact from the very first call we answer on their behalf. I’m looking forward to talking with you about how we can help you capture more leads and grow your business.”

Give Mario a call at 877-329-3730 or register here to get started!