You cannot overlook the role that customer service plays in keeping your business running smoothly. To run your business, you need to allocate time for different tasks and find a way to do everything efficiently. And, if you categorize your tasks based on urgency or importance, you’ll find “answering customer calls” showing up under both lists.

Attending customer calls is not only crucial, it’s necessary to do so throughout the day, as the calls come in. With any time management strategies, businesses can miss calls or spare limited time for customer interaction. When you have multiple calls coming in at the same time, it’s easy to place calls on hold or let them go to voicemail. Worse yet, at peak times, some of your calls might even ring out. That means frustrating your existing customers, and losing out on new leads.

62.1% of calls either go to voicemail or are never answered.

Here are some important points to consider before you decide whether your business needs phone support or not.

1) Saving on your budget

To handle calls, you need to hire and train a team of receptionists. The recruitment, training and development, office set-up costs, salaries, and other benefits, can be a big hit on your budget.  You might even have to ask other employees to assist with answering calls. Overall, it’s a disorganized strategy and a hindrance to employee productivity.

An answering service has trained professionals for your business. And, it works out at a fraction of the cost. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that an answering service costs only about 20% of hiring your own in-house receptionist team. It also operates 24/7, ready to provide support for every call. 

2) Increasing your revenue

Hiring an answering service makes it easier to provide consistently seamless service – and customer satisfaction is crucial to your bottom line..

  • 83% of companies that consider it important to make their customers happy experience growing revenue. 
  • 30-50% of sales go to the business that responds first.
  • 96% of customers say customer service is an important deciding factor in staying loyal to a brand.

And, 92% of all customer interactions happen on the phone. To engage every customer and keep the sales flowing, you need to answer every call!

3) Engaging your callers 24×7 all year long

One of the biggest benefits to hiring an answering service? You get to keep your business open all the time. After-hours, weekends and holidays, your callers will be able to receive the response they need. 

Order-taking, message-taking, scheduling appointments, addressing complaints– every query is attended to. The agents are trained to be patient, professional, and friendly as they interact. You can also customize scripts to maintain your competitive advantage – your brand’s unique personality.

4) Focusing on other high-priority tasks

62% of business owners say the stress of owning a business is higher than they’d expected. You probably already know– a myriad of tasks and responsibilities await business owners every new day. 

So it can be a relief to know you have a dedicated team handling calls for you. That means you can go on vacations or business trips, and trust that your callers’ needs are being met. If you need more information on how agents handle your messages when you’re unavailable, find out more here.

5) Do you believe your business is not about the size but the service?

Many small businesses think that their size is the main hurdle to providing great service. And so, they assume they might not be the right fit for hiring an answering service. While this may sound logical, it’s actually fallacious reasoning to associate greatness with only size.

The truth is, an answering service will improve both the quantity of your call capacity and the quality of your customer service. It’s not about the numbers alone, it’s about the experience you want to give your customers.


In reality, you want to offer a positive brand experience to your customers. But, being unable to respond when they need you can be the stumbling block that affects your rapport with them. See how AnswerConnect can resolve your phone support problems. Create cost effective budgets, go on a vacation if you may, and still grow your revenue as your calls are handled effectively and fast.


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