Integration. for your business. helps franchise service businesses succeed and grow. With an AnswerConnect integration, your account becomes even more powerful. Your inbound telephone messages are pushed to automatically so your team can deliver your services efficiently.

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How does
it work?

When a customer or prospect calls your business, a virtual receptionist will answer. If you're not available, the receptionist takes a message. The integration pushes that information into as a new Contact or updates an existing Contact.

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Why should your business use it?

By integrating AnswerConnect with your account, all your incoming messages can be documented in your CRM. You'll be able to:

  • Capture leads:

    If the caller is a new prospect, the integration creates a new Contact in so your sales team can work the lead.

  • Update contacts:

    If the caller is an existing Contact in your CRM, the integration updates their record with the new information.

  • Deliver satisfaction:

    An integration makes it easier for your team to stay on top of your leads and customers' needs.

Integrating AnswerConnect and brings together two great business tools to help you capture more leads, close more sales, and respond efficiently to your client messages.

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