Answering Services for Your Business Canada.

24-hour live answering and support by a team of customer service experts.

Our receptionists are ready to take your calls. Just forward the line when you're busy, out of the office, or all the time!

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24/7 Live Call Answering

Answering service for your business.

A business answering service makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers. Whether they're brand new leads or committed clients, making sure a real human being answers the phone is the first step towards providing a great customer experience.

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How our call centre answering service for business works.

Staffing enough in-house receptionists to ensure 24-hour coverage is challenging, especially for a small business. Our business phone answering service gives you live, professional receptionists around the clock.

First, you talk to one of our account managers to determine what kind of answering service your business needs. We might focus on qualifying your inbound leads, taking orders for physical products, or scheduling time slots for services. We'll work with you to create the right business answering service account for your company and your budget.

Then, when you're ready, you forward your existing phone line to us. Or, if you're a new business, just start sharing the toll-free number we provide for you.

Once your account is set up and your phone number forwarded, our Customer Experience Associates take over. We answer the phone in your business name, with the greeting you choose. Your customers will get the same care and consideration they'd get from your direct employees, at a fraction of the cost.

Appointment Scheduling
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We take appointments for:

  • Law firms
  • Medical offices
  • Physical therapists
  • Spas
  • Hair salons
  • Massage therapists

Advantages of a business answering service.

When your callers get voicemail, they won't leave a message, and they won't call back. Instead, it's on to the next competitor on the search engine results page. Providing 24/7 customer service shows your clients you value their business and are there for them whenever they need you.

A business call answering service doesn't take up space in your office and doesn't cost what a full-time salary with benefits would. Instead, you get a pool of live answering minutes to use during business hours, after hours, on weekends, or whenever you need them.

Our answering service is also scalable. Doing a big marketing push? You can easily add minutes to your plan for a month or two. Have a slow season of the year? You can scale back to meet your needs.

Business owners are always on the go, visiting job sites, having back-to-back meetings, and constantly on the phone. Sometimes you just need to focus on an important project. No matter the situation, your business call answering service is there to help your customers.

Business call answering
service features.

  • 24/7 live reception

    Whether you need us around the clock or just after hours, our receptionists are available to take as many calls as your business gets. We greet your callers in your company name and with your answer phrase. Get your messages by email, text, or through our online portal.

  • Call transfer and routing

    You set up the call rules, we carry them out. Our receptionists will send your calls to the right department or individual. And if they're not available, we can take a message or try a backup person.

  • Client Web Access

    Your online portal for all things AnswerConnect. Review messages, see call data, or adjust your script, Anywhere.

  • Lead capture

    You let us know what information you need from your callers and website visitors, and we collect it for you. More leads means more business, and our business answering service makes it easy.

  • Lead qualification

    Not all leads are equal. But qualifying your leads, sorting the red-hot from the lukewarm, can be time consuming. Our business phone answering service can help. Having a live person ask the right questions can make all the difference. When you focus on the best leads, get the best results.

  • Inbound sales

    A good answering service does more than take a message. When someone calls you ready to buy your goods and services, don't miss that opportunity. Live answering means you have someone there to help you close that sale, even if you're not available.

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  • What is a call answering service? Arrow icon

    A call answering service is a service that provides a friendly, professional team of people to answer your customer calls, take messages, schedule appointments, and more! Give your callers excellent customer service 24/7 and access your messages anytime from anywhere.

  • Is your answering service available 24/7? Does it cost more?Arrow icon

    A live agent will answer your customers' calls just as quickly and professionally at 2:00 a.m. as they would at 2:00 p.m. You get 24/7/365 coverage at no extra charge.

  • Who is answering my phone and website chats?Arrow icon

    All of your phone calls and website chats will be answered by our warm, highly-trained customer experience experts working from distraction-free home environments here in Canada. Our people are our best asset, and soon they'll be yours too.

  • How much does a call answering service cost? / Is billing done by the call, by the minute or by the month? Arrow icon

    You'll choose a monthly plan based on how many minutes you think you'll use. We calculate minutes based on the total time required to handle the call, including any after-call work our receptionists do to take your messages.

    If, mid-month, you realize you might use significantly more or less than the minutes included in your plan, we're happy to scale your services up or down before the next billing cycle.

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Choose your plan .

All plans include 24/7 live answering from real people.

  • Entry

    100 minutes

    $325 per month

    + $75.00 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Basic scripting
    • CRM integrations
    • Desktop & mobile app
    Sign up

    $2.95 per additional minute

  • Best value badge

    300 minutes

    $425 per month

    No setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customizable scripting
    • CRM integration
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • Live chat support
    Sign up

    $2.75 per additional minute

  • Standard

    450 minutes

    $825 per month

    + $75.00 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customizable scripting
    • CRM integration
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • Live chat support
    Sign up

    $2.75 per additional minute

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There is no charge for the first 30 interactions under 30 seconds per billing cycle.
All interactions are rounded up to the nearest minute and billed in 1 minute increments.

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