We Pledge People, Not Bots.

Watch the video to find out why.

What is Pledge People, Not Bots?

What is Pledge People, Not Bots?

As part of we commit to always using real people in our customer service.

Real connection is a people thing.

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What consumers really think of bots.

  • 81%

    of consumers want companies to
    disclose if they're using AI in their
    customer service.

  • 78%

    of consumers prefer to speak
    to a real person over AI or
    a bot.

  • 71%

    of consumers feel that AI
    does not improve the customer

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Why People, Not Bots?

In a bid to save money, businesses are passing customer experience to AI. But
for real connection, you need real people.

Thats why we're promising to keep our business human.

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We’re proud to commit to protecting the most important element of the customer experience - Connection.

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