Webhooks integration for your telephone answering service.

If you need real-time data on your client communications, whether calls, emails, or webchats, an AnswerConnect-Webhook integration can help.

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How does
it work?

A Webhook integration will automatically push data from your AnswerConnect account to a URL you register. You'll see real-time information with no polling, content restraints, or XML parsing.

Best of all, you can create custom responses to the triggering events. For example, create an email to go out whenever a caller asks about a certain product or service you offer.

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Why should your business use it?

  • Boost Efficiency:

    Transfer data instantly and automatically.

  • Increase Accuracy:

    Integrations don't depend on manual data entry.

  • Save Money:

    Custom software solutions are expensive. Integrations aren't.

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