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Differentiation is the name of the game for medical supply companies. Many companies have similar product offerings and must compete in other areas like price and service. Keeping costs contained is a key priority. Providing 24 hour live answering is the difference between a sale or losing the customer to a competitor.

AnswerConnect enables you to enhance customer service, increase order size, land additional sales, and boost internal productivity - all while realizing cost efficiencies that directly affect your bottom line.

A sampling of our medical contact center services for Medical Supply Companies:

Dental offices choose Team Medical for:

  • Medical Supply Answer Services:

    24/7/365 customer service availability via telephone, email, and web chat. Use your existing telephone number(s) or a local or 800-number provided by us.

  • Field Sales Support:

    From customer follow-up and live call answering to appointment setting, we provide a wide array of services to enhance field sales productivity.

  • Call Transfer Services:

    Urgent calls requiring your involvement can be directly transferred to you and your team.

  • Order Placement of Medical Supplies:

    Customers place orders via telephone. Our Associates are trained on upselling and cross-selling complementary services and products, increasing your bottom line.

  • Outbound Sales and Account Follow-up:

    Acquire new customers, land sales, and inform current accounts of promotions through targeted outbound telephone campaigns.

Trained, efficient Associates elevate service to new highs.

We extensively train Team Medical's Business Support Associates about terminology and medical protocols. We also look for potential employees who have experience or want to become medical receptionists. Every Team Medical Associate accesses the same database for your company and its customers. When a script or product description is updated, that change is reflected across the entire system. Your calls, emails, and web chats are answered in the name of your company, supporting your branding.

Lower costs by opting for an outside contact center service.

A shared staffing arrangement (like Team Medical) boosts efficiency and productivity. We greatly lower costs as compared to a traditional internal customer service or call center where you're paying employees whether or not the phone rings. AnswerConnect is better equipped to handle spikes in service needs due to our aggregated size, so you can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Why AnswerConnect Team Medical?
  • Enhance customer service through utilizing helpful, trained medical receptionists 24/7/365
  • Increase revenue through upselling, cross-selling, and outbound sales
  • Boost your productivity
  • Reduce costs by employing an outsourced contact center solution