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Your phone rings constantly at the office and on the jobsite. Answering quickly is critical to keeping projects running smoothly. A missed call could mean a customer lost or a subcontractor that needs to reschedule. And, who answers when an urgent situation arises and your office is closed?

AnswerConnect's capable team seamlessly becomes your virtual receptionist 24/7/365, answering incoming telephone calls when and how you need us.

  • Add hours to your day.

    Experienced, friendly Business Support Associates answer quickly in your name and manage calls according to your instructions. We're happy to take a message, put callers through to voicemail, or route calls to you and your team. Your existing telephone number can be call forwarded 24/7/365 or any time you wish. Particularly after hours, having an extra level of support and screening dramatically increases your productivity.

  • Protect the bottom line while elevating service.

    AnswerConnect's shared staffing option often results in lower administrative costs and improved customer service for builders and construction companies. Instead of a 40-hour per week administrative assistant, access a talented, 24/7/365 team of receptionists for much less. Our professionalism and availability enhance your reputation with every call.