IT Services Support

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IT Services Support

AnswerConnect partners with technical support companies nationwide to support them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

  • We provide Level 1 technical support via telephone, chat, and email 24/7/365.

    so that you can rest easy knowing minor issues are being handled even when you're not able to personally see to them. Professional, responsive customer care infuses every service we provide. Our team treats customers with respect, listening and recording complaints in detail.

  • Your brand and business needs shape the technical support we provide.

    Telephone calls, chats, and emails are all answered in your company's name. Trouble tickets are logged right into your internal system or transmitted how you choose. Our Client Services team delineates call handling procedures for your account during set-up. These procedures are displayed on the Associate's computer screen each time the phone rings through to his desk.

  • Our call escalation procedures and urgent call handling are second to none.

    Priority calls are handled how you specify - from directly transferring customers to paging on call staff. The last thing we want is to needlessly escalate calls to your field team.