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24/7 live answering service and
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Plans & Pricing

AnswerConnect has an experienced team that fields calls daily from dental professionals, orthodontists, and dental offices. Team Medical is specifically prepared to handle dental calls from appointment cancellations relayed to the office, to dental emergencies requiring immediate escalation and paging. We field incoming telephone calls, emails, and web chats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for dental offices nationwide. Dentists and oral surgeons opt for our exceptional medical contact services because we please patients, increase their efficiency, lower administrative expenses, and gain new loyal customers for your practice.

Dental offices choose Team Medical for:

  • New Patient - Call Management:

    Whenever you need us to answer your incoming calls, forward your existing office telephone number to Team Medical and we'll do the rest. We answer calls promptly on behalf of your dental offices and publish live statistics that demonstrate our commitment to outstanding service and your patient experience.

  • Appointment Scheduling:

    Patients need to schedule, change, or cancel appointments during all hours. Team Medical answers incoming calls and then inputs changes into a variety of web-based calendar systems chosen by our dental clients. These modifications aim to give your patient a seamless call experience and customer service when your office is closed, short-staffed, or off for the day.

  • Dental Emergencies & Urgent Call Transfer:

    Dental emergencies frequently happen in the middle of the night or on weekends - times when you may be unavailable. You decide how we should handle these urgent calls. We're capable of referring clients where you'd like, transferring calls, or paging an on-call staff member.

We help make dental offices shine

With experience as dental receptionists, Team Medical aims to be empathetic, efficient, and educated for your patient calls. Empathy is a key quality we screen for when deciding who should join our team. Efficiency comes with educating these Business Support Associates on key medical terminology and HIPAA. We find that patients - particularly those in pain - appreciate our winning combination of qualities and capabilities

Lower costs and raise productivity by contracting out.

Instead of paying a full time receptionist 24/7, our shared service model offers a pay-for-service solution that fits the needs of dental offices. Our shared staffing arrangement equals lower costs for your operation because you're only paying for time spent working on your behalf. Your front office team is then able to devote 100% of their time to the patients in front of them and the business of running a busy office

Why Dental Offices choose AnswerConnect:
  • Trained, medical receptionists versus a one-size fits all answering service
  • Keep patients satisfied and happy with 24/7/365 availability
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce money spent on administrative functions
  • Retain existing patients with a friendly voice to answer their calls.
  • Win new patients shopping after hours for a dental provider.