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Our People

The right people make all the difference

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Service begins and ends with people. And we know that our company's greatest asset is our people. This is such a strong focus at AnswerConnect that the first tenant of our core values is the proposition that--the right people make all the difference. Our people focus is a key differentiator that we believe sets us apart from our peers. However, ours is not just a general focus on people. We really work to retain and recruit the right, best-qualified people for the position at hand.

  • Recruiting

    Getting the right people on the bus, is essential to getting the best results. Our turnover remains one of the lowest in the industry; it's our growth and focus on quality that fuels the need for constant recruiting.

  • Training, Learning & Coaching

    Your customers are in good hands when it comes to the service they receive during a phone call with AnswerConnect as we are trained to handle a wide spectrum of call scenarios in related industries.

  • Retention

    People power our success. That's why we invest in training and benefits that improve skills and keep our team satisfied. We work hard to retain talented, diligent employees through many means.

Our people are the difference between customer satisfaction and customer defection.

We intimately understand the frustrations that accompany poor customer service. Just like you, we've waited on hold for eons, navigated complex phone trees, and encountered rude receptionists.

We work to retain and recruit the best talent so that AnswerConnect's Business Support Associates project an image of professionalism - smart, warm, and competent. Whether your customer connects with one of our Associates via chat, telephone, or email, our 24/7/365 service offers your clients consistent, outstanding customer care across multi-channel communication. And we invest in training, recruiting, human resources, quality assurance, and software improvements to support the people force we assemble. AnswerConnect's commitment to excellence shows through in the team members who represent us.

Professional doesn't mean stuffy and inflexible.

It does mean that attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other businesses choose us to take care of their clients when they aren't available because of our reputation for professionalism. We know that every poor impression impacts the bottom line; our goal is to boost your success with every customer contact.

Our efficient, responsive, and friendly attitude goes hand in hand with professionalism.

Your clients should feel like the person on the other end of the line relates to and understands their needs. Organization results in accuracy and resolution of customer needs in one phone call.

We aim to portray your business in a positive light by promptly answering your customers points of contact in a professional manner.

We also offer to do everything in our power to satisfy your customer - from taking a message or answering a question to making an appointment or resolving their concern.