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    • How do I set up my integrations? Arrow icon

      To set up the integrations you can use the desktop app or contact the support team member for further assistance.

    • How will your virtual receptionists know what information is vital to me? Arrow icon

      We work with you to identify the information you want our receptionists to collect. From there, the information automatically appears in your chosen app or CRM.

    • As my business grows, this information may change. Can I update my integrations? Arrow icon

      Yes, you can update the configuration on your own through the app or contact the support team by call, chat, or email.

    • I don’t see the software I want to integrate with. Does that mean you can’t integrate with it? Arrow icon

      Not necessarily. We're always reviewing and diversifying AnswerConnect's integrations. We can also integrate with many other apps and CRMs through Zapier. Click here to see if we integrate with your chosen app or CRM through Zapier, or reach out to our support team here to find out more.

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