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Inbound Services

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Inbound call center

Our virtual receptionists can become your new inbound sales team. We help you make the most of your marketing and maximize your conversions with 24/7 live answering by our inbound call center.

When your marketing campaigns work well enough to get someone to call, chat, or email your business, don't turn them away with voicemail or a "we'll get back to you" message. Our inbound call services use your company's personalized greetings and scripts, so with AnswerConnect, your business is never closed.

AnswerConnect's extensive, proficient Inbound Services include:

Benefits of an inbound call center sales team

  • Direct response

    If you run direct response advertising campaigns, you need an inbound call center team to help you turn those responses into sales. Our receptionists can help walk your leads through the sales process, answer your FAQs, and even place the order for your customers through your ecommerce site.

  • Cross-sell

    Your ecommerce platform lets your customers buy from you online, day or night. But an inbound call center can do more. Our live virtual salespeople can help recommend complementary products and services, making sure your customers know about all their opportunities to buy from you.

  • Up-sell

    Boost your revenue with upgrades, warranties, and more. An instant inbound sales team from AnswerConnect becomes an extension of your own staff, recommending add-ons or extras to your customers just when they're in the mood to buy.

  • Balanced approach

    Many buyers are turned off by a hard-sell approach. Our team strikes a balance, offering information and options without being pushy. All the same, we're not afraid to ask for a sale or explain why your products and services are the best choice. We enhance your brand by helping to build trust while also increasing revenue.

Integrations with your CRM

When you add an instant inbound sales team to your company with AnswerConnect, we can integrate with the customer relationship management software you already use. Your call data is seamlessly added to your system, so you can track ROI and follow up on contacts.

Our customers who use Salesforce, Zoho, or one of the hundreds of other CRMs on Zapier's integrations list have their leads and sales information captured and added to their records. No need to reinvent the wheel. AnswerConnect's call center integrates with your existing system so your inbound calls are documented and tracked.

Call center services pricing

We offer a wide variety of minute plans so you can choose the one that meets the needs of your business. Bumping your minutes up for a big campaign is simple, and you can do it any time. If you need to adjust your plan back again, it's just as easy. We aim to give you the service level you need, around the clock.

Check out our plans and pricing to find the call center services that's right for you and your business.