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Call Answering Services

24 hour live call answering by a team of customer service experts.

Are you missing out on business opportunities because you're too busy to pick up the phone? Our answering service is ready to take your calls. Just forward the line when you're busy, out of the office, or all the time.

Plans & Pricing

What is a call answering service?

A call answering service makes it easy for your business to stay in touch with customers.

Whether they're new leads or committed clients, making sure a real human being answers your phone is the first step towards providing a great customer experience.

That positive customer experience is vital to your business. After all, satisfied customers are the foundation of your business.

How a call answering service works

In-house staffing to provide 24-hour coverage is challenging, especially for a small business.

An answering service offers you live, professional receptionists around the clock, whether you're a large corporation, or a team of one.

To get started, talk to one of our account managers to determine what kind of answering service your business needs. You might focus on qualifying your inbound leads to prioritize those most likely to become customers, taking orders for physical products, or scheduling time slots for services.

Then, when you're ready, forward your existing phone line to us (or we can give you a new toll free number).

Once your account is set up and your calls forwarded, your new customer experience associates take over. They will answer the phone in your business name, with a greeting you choose.

Your customers will get the same care and consideration they'd get from your direct employees, at a fraction of the cost - only now there will always be someone available to them when they call, any time, day or night.

Advantages of an answering service

When your callers get voicemail, there's every chance they won't leave a message and that they won't call back. Instead, it's on to the next competitor on the search engine results page.

Providing 24/7 customer service shows your clients that you value their business and you're there for them whenever they need you, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

A business call answering service doesn't take up space in your office and you don't pay full time salaries plus benefits for an in-house receptionist team. Instead, you get live answering minutes to use only when you need them.

A business answering service is also flexible, responsive to your demand.

Doing a big marketing push? You can easily add minutes to your plan for a month or two, or make use of your plan's overage minutes. Have a slow season of the year? You can scale back your minutes to meet your business's needs.

Business call answering service features

  • 24/7 Live reception

    Whether you need call answering around the clock or just after hours, your new client experience associates are available to take your calls. Get your messages by email, SMS, or via our app.

  • Call transfer and routing

    You set up the call rules, your client experience associates then send your calls to the right department or individual. Not available? Associates can take a message or try a backup person.

  • Bilingual

    Get Spanish-English bilingual answering services. Whether you want your calls to go to bilingual receptionists first, or just need the occasional transfer to a bilingual team, you're covered.

  • Lead capture

    You let your client experience associates know what information you need from your callers and website visitors, and they'll collect it for you.

  • Lead qualification

    Not all leads are equal. But qualifying your leads, sorting the red hot from the lukewarm, can be time consuming. Your business phone answering service can help.

  • Inbound sales

    When someone calls ready to buy your goods and services, don't miss that opportunity. Live answering means you always have someone there to help you close that sale.

Answered calls are opportunities for your business

Whether it's a loyal customer calling for the tenth time, or a potential customer calling for the first, people come to your business with questions.

Providing the answer will mean a boost to your business's revenue, whether it's new sales or retained customers, and it all starts with picking up the phone.