A medical answering service helps physicians and other healthcare professionals take better care of your patients and other callers. When people call your clinic, hospital, or practice, they're placing their trust, and their health, in your hands. A friendly, professional virtual receptionist makes sure they know that trust is well-placed.

AnswerConnect makes it easy for healthcare professionals like you to provide excellent service and care over phone, email, or web chat. A medical answering service keeps you connected, puts your callers' minds at ease, and leaves you free to focus on the diagnosis or treatment plan your patient needs.

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Benefits of a medical answering service.

  • Flexibility

    You're never locked into a medical answering service plan with AnswerConnect. You can increase or decrease your minutes at any time, even for the current month. And with our online portal, Client Web Access, the call data you need to make an informed decision about your needs is always at your fingertips.

  • Security

    Communications related to health care are governed by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act. We offer secure, HIPAA-compliant communications that you can activate at the click of a button. When you enable HIPAA for your AnswerConnect account, your messages are password-protected but still accessible 24/7/365 through our online portal, Client Web Access, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • Affordability

    Providing excellent customer service around the clock, not to mention on weekends and holidays, can be expensive if you try to do it in-house. With our medical answering service, you get a team of virtual receptionists to answer your calls 24/7/365, and you can use your minutes whenever you need them.

Appointment Scheduling
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We take appointments for:

  • Law firms
  • Medical offices
  • Physical therapists
  • Spas
  • Hair salons
  • Massage therapists

Medical answering services.

  • Appointments

    Make it easy for your patients to schedule an appointment with you. We offer a free online scheduling app and phone support.

  • After hours

    Extend your office hours with a dental practice answering service plan. When your team goes home for the evening or the weekend, we take care of your patients like you would.

  • Call routing

    We'll work with you to set up a call flow that makes sense for your dental office. Your calls will always reach the right person.

  • Messages

    Don't let your patients reach voicemail. Our friendly, professional virtual receptionists are on duty 24/7/365 to help them or take a message.

  • Qualification

    Let our virtual receptionists help you determine if new patients calling in are a good fit for your practice. We can ask a few questions to qualify them.

  • Bilingual

    Your Spanish-speaking patients will appreciate Spanish-English bilingual reception. We offer this service by default or as required.

  • Client Web Access

    CWA, our online account portal, shows you your usage, messages, invoices, and more. Your AnswerConnect account is always accessible with CWA.

  • Mobile

    Manage your AnswerConnect account on your iOS or Android mobile device from anywhere. We make it easy for you to stay in touch.

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  • Entry

    200 minutes

    $350 per month

    + $49.99 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Basic scripting
    • CRM integrations
    • Desktop & mobile app
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    $2.50 per additional minute

  • Best value badge

    300 minutes

    $395 per month

    No setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customizable scripting
    • CRM integrations
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • Live chat support
    Sign up

    $1.85 per additional minute

  • Standard

    400 minutes

    $575 per month

    + $49.99 setup fee

    • Real people, 24/7
    • Customizable scripting
    • CRM integrations
    • Desktop & mobile app
    • Live chat support
    Sign up

    $1.85 per additional minute

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There is no charge for the first 30 interactions under 30 seconds per billing cycle.
All interactions are rounded up to the nearest minute and billed in 1 minute increments.

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