Inbound Sales

Sales can be a difficult process, especially when you're on the road, at a conference, or simply too tied up to take all of the sales calls yourself. When you receive inbound sales calls, let us be your around the clock answer.

AnswerConnect's Team Marketing & Sales is trained to land sales, cross-sell, upsell, and qualify leads. Our capable team soft sells your offerings in a consultative, effective manner and then asks for the sale. We don't hit customers over the head with your attributes; great products and services sell themselves once consumers are educated.

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Plans & Pricing
  • Lead Qualification

    Tired of having to wade through leads that just aren't ready to close? We deliver genuine leads, pre-qualified to your specifications. We have an advanced scripting tool capable of scoring leads per your criteria.

  • Cross-Sell & Upsell

    We understand your product offerings and are able to cross-sell compatible products/services or entice customers to upgrade, increasing your revenue per customer. We gather this information during account set-up and are able to customize your scripts for your virtual team.

  • Educate & Sell

    We can provide an overview to customers about your offerings and answer questions related to products, services, policies, inventory, and tracking. Team Marketing & Sales guides customers to the final sale.

  • Sale Closing

    AnswerConnect's capable Team Marketing & Sales helps you shorten the cycle and close difficult sales faster.

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Team Human

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Outlining how we can achieve our greatest aspirations when we work together, Team Human reminds us of the power of human connections.

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