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Call Center Services

24 hour live call center service from a team
of customer service experts.

Solutions for small businesses to capture
more leads and retain customers.

Plans & Pricing

Virtual customer service experts

Struggling to answer all your business calls? Juggling between returning messages and managing a messy appointment schedule?

These are common problems. While an in-office receptionist is a solution for some businesses, there is a more flexible and cost-effective option available.

You can cut out the costs of hiring and training a full-time office receptionist by leveraging a call center service.

Whether you are receive a high volume of calls, struggle to return messages, or you're going on vacation, call center associates can handle your call overflow to keep your business running.

Associates are able to handle your calls and schedule appointments live in your business's name. This service takes away the stress and hassle of admin tasks and allows your team to spend time focusing on your core business functions.

The benefits of a cloud-based call center

Your professional extended team

Associates will answer your calls in your business's name and follow a personalized call script designed by you and your client services team.

Whether you need a cloud-based call center solution for taking messages, setting appointments, taking orders, handling payment, or qualifying leads, our associates will have a bespoke call flow to answer customer queries.

You can view all your new scheduled appointments, caller details, employee schedules, and new messages on your own online client portal. Use the portal to monitor calls, messages and chats, schedule holidays, and update your availability.

Affordable call handling

You'll often find a virtual call center service to be more cost-effective than trying to cover all your inbound calls in-house. Maintaining an in office receptionist team is expensive and you could still miss important calls during busy periods.

A cloud-based call center solution is simpler and more efficient. You pay for a plan based on the minutes you use. This means you can flex your service based on call volume and the nature of enquiries your business receives.

If you get multiple calls at once, more associates will be assigned to capture every call. Associates work remotely in quiet, peaceful environments, free from background noise and office distractions. This means an associate will always be available 24/7 to take your calls and deliver excellent customer service.

Flexibility for you and your business

As well as call handling solutions, we offer a variety of plans and extra features that can be provided if you need them. These include interactive voice response (IVR), web chat, and additional toll free numbers.

If you run a cyclical business fluctuating between quiet and busy periods, or you run a marketing campaign that temporarily boosts your call volume, you can adjust your plan accordingly. Plans can be customized to ensure you are provided with the solutions you need, and not those you don't.

Access call records and messages via your online portal

Every account comes specialized features including Client Web Access. On one dashboard, you can see how many plan minutes you've used for the month. You are able to see call volume, duration, and the contact details and messages left by callers.

Easy access to your data means you can plan ahead and respond to usage trends to make your account work for your business. This data gives you insight into how your business is progressing by allowing you to monitor your calls and lead generation.

If you find that you are over or under the minute-based plan you are on, you can simply adjust your plan accordingly.

Call center solutions for your business

With cloud-based call handling, you can get the advanced call center support services you need to unlock your business's potential.

When your customers and prospects call you, don't let the call go to voicemail. 85% of missed calls won't try again and you could be losing valuable business. Instead, associates make the most of every opportunity and capture every lead.

  • Inbound sales

    Every call, email, or chat is an opportunity. Make sales, capture your leads and maximize customer retention.

  • Inbound services

    24/7 live telephone answering to handle customer service, bookings, ecommerce, order-taking, surveys, tech support, and help desk functions.

  • Superior customer service

    Take your customer service to the next level with a team of customer experience associates. Expect the highest quality experience for your customers.

  • Lead generation

    Inbound communication means leads for your business. We offer lead qualification and management to help you make the most of your inbound opportunities.

  • Lead capture tools

    Follow up on website chats, registrations, and purchases automatically with outbound calls. Your Client Web Access portal allows you to monitor your communications.

  • Integration

    Integrate with your CRM to push your inbound call data to your system. Say goodbye to tedious transcription, and hello to more leads and more sales.

Answered calls are opportunities for your business

Whether it's a loyal customer calling for the tenth time, or a potential customer calling for the first, people come to your business with questions.

Providing the answer will mean a boost to your business's revenue, whether it's new sales or retained customers, and it all starts with picking up the phone.