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Your brand is your story.

Business is built on connection. Consumers connect with your brand because they identify with your story.

But digital marketplaces don't allow for that connection.

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Maintain the trust
you earned.

Your brand is more than just a logo, a price point, a product, or a service. It's a reflection of you.

And central to that is the connection you have with your customers.

  • 82%

    want to communicate directly with the business they're purchasing from rather than through a marketplace intermediary.

  • 72%

    say they'd be more likely to purchase from a brand directly than from a marketplace if they knew the business would receive 100% of the revenue.

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The power of you.

Hear from AnswerConnect customers about the importance of prioritizing their brand.

Building big brands for small businesses.

Your hard work shapes your brand. But there are always new ways to help elevate your unique brand voice.
Check out our quick guides to help grow your business today.

  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Content
  • Leadership
  • Marketing slide

    3 marketing hacks you need to grow your brand.

  • Marketing slide

    The language of loyalty - word of mouth.

  • Marketing slide

    How to maximise SEO.

  • Marketing slide

    Why you should take a multi-channel marketing approach.

  • Marketing slide

    How to get the most from trade shows.

  • Customer experience slide

    How to enhance brand loyalty.

  • Customer experience slide

    5 ways to engage and grow your community.

  • Content slide

    Does your business need a blog?

  • Content slide

    Telling your brand story

  • Content slide

    3 tools to supercharge your marketing copy.

  • Leadership slide

    Leading from Anywhere.

  • Leadership slide

    Why it matters to Give Back.

  • Leadership slide

    How to express gratitude for better engagement.

  • Leadership slide

    Effective, inspiring communication.

  • Leadership slide

    Giving and receiving feedback.

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Change Masters

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This book looks at some of the most prominent companies in America and how their structures, culture and strategies have led to productive change.

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