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Order Management
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Outsourcing your orders helps increase your bottom line

Plans & Pricing

Order management and customer service

Our ecommerce and retail clients know that sometimes shoppers need a helping hand. With AnswerConnect's order management services, your website visitors will be able to call or chat our virtual receptionists at the click of a button. Using information you provide, we can answer basic questions about your products or even place the order for them. Having customer service available on your website helps remove barriers to purchase and increase sales.

Benefits of order management services

Fewer abandoned shopping carts

We've all been there. You're shopping online, but you aren't quite sure which product to buy. You scour the product descriptions, but you don't know which option is right for you. When your customers find themselves in this situation, they might just click the back button and abandon their shopping cart just short of a sale. That's where we come in. Order management and customer service by phone or chat means your customers will never be left alone to figure things out. We'll be there to help them complete the transaction and convert the sale.

No additional cost

Our order management services don't cost extra. Helping your customers order your products is just what we do. Order management and customer service use the same pool of plan minutes. Whether we're answering questions or walking them through your ordering platform, it all costs the same. And the price is much less than what it would cost you to staff up a 24-hour in-house customer service team.

Scalable solution

You can adjust your plan up and down according to the particular needs of your business. If you have seasonal variations in order volume, or do a few big marketing campaigns throughout the year, you can adjust your plan accordingly. You'll always have the order management service you need without paying for more than your situation demands.


Our virtual receptionists work on a distributed model. They aren't all sitting in one call center. Instead, we route the calls and chats to them over the internet. That means your customer service team can't be knocked out by a single storm or other service disruption. Our resilient network is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.