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Traffic becomes a blessing, not a curse.

Plans & Pricing

Marketing call answering service

Our live answering service makes it easy for you to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. You'll be able to track multiple sub-accounts for different campaigns or clients, all accessible through one convenient dashboard.

How live answering helps your marketing

  • Maximize your campaigns

    You put a lot of work into your campaigns, whether you create them for your own business or on behalf of your clients. Don't let that effort go to waste when the leads start rolling in. A marketing call answering service helps you capture inbound leads on the telephone, through website clicks, or by chat.

  • Scalable solution

    We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs. Our marketing virtual receptionist packages are based on minutes, just like your cell phone. If you are planning a big campaign and need to bump up your plan, you can do so easily. You'll always have the support you need to capitalize on your efforts.

  • Sub-accounts for your clients

    If you manage marketing campaigns for a stable of clients, we make it easy for you to add sub-accounts, each with its own toll free number (or numbers) and reporting. You'll be able to switch among your sub-accounts with ease to see the usage and call data for each one.

  • Track return on investment

    As marketers, you need to know how your campaigns are performing. We don't just help you drive inbound traffic. We help you track the results so you can measure success and prove your value to your clients.

Benefits of a marketing virtual receptionist service

  • Client web access with dashboard

    Log into our Client Web Access online portal from anywhere you have an internet connection. The CWA dashboard shows you call data for each sub-account and toll free number you manage.

  • Lead qualification

    Our marketing virtual receptionists can qualify your inbound leads with the questions you need answered. Let us be your first filter, so you and your clients can focus on the most promising leads first.

  • 24-hour customer service

    With a marketing call answering service, your leads will reach a real, professional, and friendly human being no matter when they call. Our service is up 24/7/365 to capture the leads you work so hard to generate.

  • Direct response

    When your prospects respond to your campaigns and your call to action, make sure you're ready. Our virtual receptionists capture leads around the clock and help you maximize the value of your work.