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Quality Inputs = Quality Output

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We work first to hire and recruit the right people to make all the difference in our performance. Once we have those people on staff we invest in team trainers, web-based training materials, ongoing learning processes specific to different accounts, and one-on-one coaching with team leads. We know that learning and self-improvement are lifelong processes by which each of us can work to improve our professional skills.

Your customers are in good hands when it comes to the service they receive during a phone call with AnswerConnect as we are trained to handling a wide spectrum of call scenarios in related industries. Our one-on-one training is augmented with web-based training materials to ensure that new Associates have the information that they need to give you the results you want.

A holistic approach to training speaks to all types of learners.

Our training process is a unique combination of self-paced online coursework, videos, and instructor-led class and role-play. Associates learn our technology, phone etiquette, call handling techniques, and various account specific details. Much of this learning is available for Associates to work through at their own pace, guaranteeing high comprehension and overall quality. And because we emphasize a bipartite approach with interactive, self-led online training and hands-on instructor-led training, we believe that our new Associates receive a holistic knowledge of our company, our services, and their positions and team roles.

Training is self-paced, and incorporates hands-on experience to better prepare our Associates.

During self-led portions of training, new Associates are provided with our online manual and tutorials, and are given our customized web-based tools to reinforce important ideas throughout chapters and sections. With our straightforward, engaging videos, we make training an enjoyable, easy, and efficient process.

The self-led sections of instruction address basic training needs, such as providing information about new technologies; how-tos for answering phones, using a script that you provide, taking and sending messages, transferring calls, and scheduling appointments; and working on telecommunication skills.

Our instructor-led courses make continuous use of both training accounts and select live accounts. We firmly believe that giving our new Associates early access to simulated and real calls allows them to better prepare themselves for the real issues that we address on a daily basis.

At AnswerConnect, learning doesn't stop after the basics.

After a new Associate has completed our initial training, they receive ongoing coaching and weekly interaction with their team leads. AnswerConnect appreciates lifelong learning, and we try to do our part by educating our Associates to give them superior customer service skills that will exceed your expectations.

If you would like to join our team at AnswerConnect, visit our Careers section to learn more and submit an application. Or, if you have questions about our recruiting process, email us at careers@answerconnect.com.

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