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Denver Answering Service
and Virtual Receptionist

24 hour live answering and support by a
team of customer service experts.

Plans & Pricing

Virtual receptionist service for your Denver business

If you own a business in Denver, CO, you already know it's a great place to be. It was even named the #1 place to be in 2016 by US News, but that's no surprise to us! We know Denver, its people, and its businesses.

We have been offering live answering services and virtual receptionists to Denver for years, and we want to help your business grow!

With a population of over 600,000 people, you have a lot of potential customers waiting for you in the Mile High City. We can help you optimize your interactions with each one.

From cyber security companies to property managers, we've helped a variety of businesses grow in Denver, and we'll show you how you can benefit from a virtual receptionist too!

Benefits of using an answering service

  • 24/7 365 availability

    Extend your hours and minimize costs with 24/7 coverage. Whether your customers contact you by phone, email or live web chat window, our virtual receptionists are always ready for them.

  • Receptionist services

    The average cost of a receptionist in Denver is about $13 per hour, and they can't work outside of your business hours. With our answering service, you can enjoy friendly, professional virtual receptionist coverage that is always available, but only utilized when needed.

  • Capture leads

    As the 18th largest metropolitan city in the U.S., Denver's economy is booming. That means people want to do business with you! Our virtual receptionists can qualify and capture leads for you, allowing you to capitalize on them more efficiently.

  • Save on overhead

    The average cost of office space in Denver is about $25 per square foot. A virtual receptionist requires no additional space and will help you save on resources, all while being more effective and growing your business!

Why choose us?

  • No more voicemail

    When you don't answer your phone, customers aren't going to wait for a call back. They move on to the next competitor nearby. With AnswerConnect, you're covered around the clock, 365 days a year, by having a live virtual receptionist taking your calls anytime you need them.

    With us on your side, you'll be connecting with more leads, taking more orders, setting more appointments, and growing your business.

  • Flexibility and options

    Every business in Denver is unique, and we're happy to cater our services to your individual needs. Whether you want us to take all of your inquiries off of your hands, or just be there to handle phone calls when you step out to lunch, we're here for you.

    With an array of added options such as Message Taking, Lead Capturing, Email and Chat Support, Order Taking, Appointment Setting, and more, you'll wonder how you ever did business without AnswerConnect!

  • Superior technology

    Our virtual receptionists and answering service agents are equipped with cutting-edge software and tools to answer your calls. No more letting leads fall through the cracks. Every interaction is documented and easily accessible.

    Our business is to help you grow yours. Leave the calls to the pros!

  • We care

    Denver consistently ranks as one of the "greenest" cities in the U.S., so we know you can relate to our mission. AnswerConnect is unlike any answering service you've encountered before. Why? We care. We are driven by a strong mission: to change the way the world works.

    Our team doesn't work in cubicles, we don't commute or use paper waste, and we love the work we do. We strive to foster work/life balance, reduce stress, increase productivity, lower pollution and reduce resources.

A distributed model works anywhere

AnswerConnect is more than a local live answering service. Our distributed model means we help thousands of businesses grow, in Denver and across the country, to work wherever they are.

If you're a local business in Denver, why would you want to work with a distributed live answering service?

  • Dependability

    If your answering service is local to Denver, you could both get knocked offline by the same winter storm, power outage, or other emergency that affects you. Our receptionists are in seven states and counting, in various regions across the U.S. They don't work at any single location, so no one obstacle can interrupt your service.

  • Flexibility

    Our friendly, professional receptionists are in every time zone from coast to coast. If you do business with partners or customers in New York, or anywhere in the world, we're ready to take their calls. After hours and weekends? No problem. We're staffed around the clock with virtual receptionists ready to help you grow.

  • Access

    With our proprietary software and Client Web Access, you can manage your account online, on your schedule. Retrieve your messages when you need them, adjust your call rules as you see fit, make a payment, and much more. Our goal is to make managing your account as easy as possible.

  • Experience

    Our distributed model allows us to help thousands of businesses across the country, in every industry imaginable. That means our virtual receptionists are experts in handling a wide array of call types and are equipped with the experience your business needs to handle calls and customer inquiries professionally.