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Los Angeles Answering Service and Virtual Receptionist

24 hour live answering and support by a
team of customer service experts.

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From the Sunset Strip to Dodger Stadium, Venice Beach to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is full of iconic people and places.

A live telephone answering service can help your Los Angeles business reach for the stars.

With AnswerConnect, your business will never be closed, because your customers can always reach your business to order products, schedule time, or just ask questions.

Our Los Angeles clients are in hospitality , public relations , and real estate. They're bankers, doctors, and lawyers. No matter what business you're in, our virtual assistants can help you grow in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Live Answering Service

  • Maximize Your Marketing

    Generating leads through marketing is great. Being ready to qualify and capture those leads is even better.

  • Save Money

    In Los Angeles, the average office space cost $26.07 per square foot in November 2015. A full-time receptionist takes up space-a live answering service doesn't. Not to mention the L.A. receptionist's average salary of $24,000. AnswerConnect plans cost a fraction of that amount.

  • Get Excellent Customer Service

    Friendly, professional assistance for your customers no matter how they contact you-by phone, email, or a chat window on your website .

  • Concentrate on Growth

    Work smarter, not harder. There are certain things only an executive can do for a business. Answering the phone isn't one of them. We keep your current customers happy while you work on growing your business.

A Distributed Model Works Anywhere

We're more than a local live answering service provider. Our distributed model means we help thousands of businesses, in Los Angeles, elsewhere in California, and across the country, to work wherever they are.

Why would you want to work with a distributed phone answering service as a Los Angeles business?

  • Dependability

    If your answering service is local to you, they can get knocked offline by the same earthquake, blackout, or other emergency that affects you. Our receptionists are in five states and counting. They don't work at any single location, so no one obstacle can interrupt your service.

  • Flexibility

    Our friendly, professional receptionists are in every time zone from coast to coast. If you do business with partners or customers in New York City or anywhere in the world, we're ready to take their calls. After hours and weekends? No problem. We're staffed around the clock.

  • Access

    Having live answering service from AnswerConnect means you won't have to fight traffic just to get to an office to reach your customers. With Client Web Access, you can manage your account online, on your schedule, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Get your messages, adjust your script, pay your bill, and more, all from your computer or smartphone.

  • Se Habla Español

    We offer Spanish-English bilingual live answering service for your Spanish-speaking callers. In a diverse city like Los Angeles, being accessible to more people means more business.

Los Angeles Business Resources

A 24/7 live answering service provider can be an important part of your business owner's toolkit. Whether you're a startup entrepreneur or the CEO of an established business, here are some resources for getting all the information you need to grow in Los Angeles:

The City of Los Angeles For Business: Start, move, register, and grow your Los Angeles business with guidance from the city.

Find investment information, databases of business insights, and industry-specific trade publications at the County of Los Angeles Public Library Business Resource Center.

Learn about counseling, capital, contracting, and more from the U.S Small Business Administration Resource Guide for Los Angeles.

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