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24-hour E-Commerce
Order Taking Answering Service

Customer support for online shoppers

Plans & Pricing

With a 24/7/365 e-commerce answering service to help your customers with their orders, you can give your shoppers more confidence in their purchasing decisions. The result? Fewer abandoned carts, larger order sizes, and more repeat business for your e-commerce store.

Reduce abandoned shopping carts

When your online shoppers have a question about your products, they'll probably hold off on making a purchase until they get the answer. They may be wondering which of your offerings is right for them, or want to know more about certain features. If they can't find the information they need on your site, an answering service can help them with their order by phone or by web chat. When you make it easy for people to ask their questions and get answers, they'll have more confidence in your business and will be less likely to leave those items unpurchased in their digital shopping cart.

Increase order size

Another benefit of having customer support readily available for your online shoppers is an increase in average order size. People who are unsure of what they're getting may choose to start small. If you provide live customer service by phone and in a web chat widget right on your site, your customers will be empowered to make a greater commitment to your business.

Web chat order taking support

Web chat customer support and e-commerce are a great match. Your customers are already on your website, browsing your store. When they have a question or need help, why not make it easy for them. We offer all our answering service clients a free code snippet to add to their website. This creates a web chat window, branded to your company, that's just a click away. You can choose to answer the chats yourself at no charge to you at all, or we can handle them for you using the same pool of minutes you use for your phone answering service.

24-hour e-commerce support

As much as online shopping is becoming the norm for many products, there are still some situations where people need help. And there are still some people who would prefer to have a representative of your company help them with their order in real time. AnswerConnect's 24-hour e-commerce order taking answering service gives your customers that option. Staffing online support for your store around the clock can be prohibitively expensive if you try to do it in-house. With our answering service plans, you can get 24/7/365 coverage for much less than the cost of hiring and training your own employees.

Lead capture and response

We give you a variety of ways to make your website and online store more responsive to your customers. You can choose from three different actions (click, purchase, or registration) to trigger an outbound call from our virtual receptionists. This kind of immediate response can help your customers resolve whatever is keeping them from making a purchase, and move the transaction forward.

  • Click to call

    Add a button to your site. When your shoppers click on it, we'll call them in the name of your business to help them get what they need.

  • Register to call

    When your website visitors fill out a registration form on your site, don't make them wait for a response. We can call them right away to deliver the information you provide and help them with next steps to becoming a regular customer for you.

  • Purchase to call

    If you want to follow up with customers who have bought something from you online, purchase to call makes it happen. When the order goes through, we dial out to give them more information or just thank them for doing business with you and let them know we're here to help.

24-hour e-commerce order taking services

  • After hours

    People shop online around the clock. We help you extend your hours to provide order-taking support 24/7/365.

  • Order taking

    One of our core features. We help your customers by answering questions and guiding them through the order process.

  • Web chat

    A web chat widget, which we provide to all our clients, puts order-taking support right where your customers are: on your website.

  • Lead capture

    Gather more information about your online shoppers, and respond to them immediately when they click, register, or make a purchase.

  • Client Web Access

    Our online portal puts your messages, usage, call data, and more right at your fingertips, whenever you're connected to the web.

  • Mobile

    Manage your AnswerConnect account on the go with our free apps for iOS and Android.