Capsule + AnswerConnect = Powerful customer experiences.

Keep your pipeline moving and land
every deal.

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Nurture relationships with Capsule.

Capsule is a neat, simple way to collect your leads, send them bespoke messages, and turn them into customers.

Your AnswerConnect receptionist can funnel call data directly into Capsule, so you’ll get a full picture of your growing business.

Lead Capture

Seamless connection.

The AnswerConnect - Capsule integration gives you the power to communicate across
platforms with just a click.

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The trigger

New message

Your receptionist answers your call or chat and takes a message.

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The action
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Create project

Creates a new project.

To explore how AnswerConnect and Capsule work together, try through zapier

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Why integrate?

  • Keep track

    Keep track

    See all your sales opportunities in one place, updated live.

  • Boost sales

    Boost sales

    Keep on top of follow-ups and spot deals that are ready to close.

  • Save time

    Save time

    Capsule is automatically updated, so there’s no need for messy admin.

Get connected in four simple steps.

  • 1.Navigate.

    Go to the AnswerConnect - Capsule Zapier page.

  • 2.Pick your actions.

    Choose a resulting action from the other app.

  • 3.Choose your data.

    Select the data you want to send from AnswerConnect to Capsule.

  • 4.Authenticate.

    Authenticate AnswerConnect and Capsule.

Activate the integration now.

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  • I can’t find my integration. Does that mean you don’t integrate with my chosen app/CRM?Arrow icon

    If you can't see your integration here, we can still help. We're always updating our integration library and adding new apps. Click here to see if we integrate with your chosen app or CRM through Zapier, or get in touch with our support team now and we'll look into what you need.

  • I can’t get the integration to work. Is this an AnswerConnect issue or a Capsule issue?Arrow icon

    Sorry to hear that! No worries - we can help. Whether it's a configuration issue or something more complex, our support team can look into it and get the integration working if possible. Get in touch now.

  • How do I deactivate the Capsule integration?Arrow icon

    To deactivate the Capsule integration:

    • Go to the dashboard in your Zapier account.
    • Select Zaps from the left sidebar.
    • In the searchbar, search for the Zaps connected to the integration you wish to deactivate.
    • Find the Zap you wish to deactivate.
    • Click the ellipses on the integration and hit “Delete”.
  • I’ve switched accounts on my Capsule. How do I get my AnswerConnect to connect with my new Capsule account?Arrow icon

    In the existing Zap workflow, choose the “Capsule”. Under Account, you’ll find the option to change the “Capsule” accounts.

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