Pipedrive + AnswerConnect = Sleeker sales funnels.

Get the leads that matter in the CRM you know.

Pipedrive + AnswerConnect

What is the Pipedrive-AnswerConnect integration?

Pipedrive is a sales CRM with a difference. The intuitive software gives you total visibility of your entire sales process.

With the AnswerConnect - Pipedrive integration, you can populate your sales funnel without lifting a finger.

Lead Capture Pipedrive

Seamless connection.

The AnswerConnect - Pipedrive integration gives you the power to communicate across
platforms with just a click.

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The trigger

New message

Your receptionist answers your call or chat and takes a message.

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The action
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Send channel message

The call data appears in your Pipedrive CRM as a new contact.

To explore how AnswerConnect and Pipedrive work together, try through zapier

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Why integrate?

  • Fill your funnel

    Fill your funnel

    Stock your sales funnel with the latest leads to supercharge your sales.

  • Track everything

    Track everything

    From new contacts to deals to leads, you're in total control.

  • Focus on closing

    Focus on closing

    No more data entry. Just focus on converting the leads we bring in.

Get connected in three simple steps.

  • 1.Choose your integration.

    You can find all our integrations under Advanced Settings in your AnswerConnect app.

  • 2.Activate it.

    Simply enter your Pipedrive username and password to activate.

  • 3.We'll take care of the rest.

    You're good to go! Enjoy seamless connection between your Pipedrive and AnswerConnect accounts.

Activate the integration now.

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  • How does Pipedrive work?Arrow icon

    Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management software. Using Pipedrive, you can create visual sales pipelines, collaborate with your team and manage prospects from first contact to the point of purchase and beyond.

  • How do I set up the Pipedrive-AnswerConnect integration?Arrow icon

    Simple! Follow the instructions listed under "Get connected in three simple steps" above.

  • How do I see my call information in my Pipedrive account?Arrow icon

    When setting up the integration, you'll be given the option to choose a module. You will then find the relevant instructions. For instance, if you choose the option to create a new lead when a message is taken, the information will automatically be transferred from our system to create a new lead in the Pipedrive connected account.

  • How do I send call messages to specific channels in my Pipedrive account?Arrow icon

    Select the specific channel based on where you want your call information to appear. It's important to check that your AnswerConnect script includes the required field to push information to the CRM.

  • Can I send messages to my receptionists through my Pipedrive account?Arrow icon

    No, receptionists cannot receive messages from your Pipedrive account.

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